Playful Pups

Monday-Friday 9am-11am and 2pm-4pm

Servicing Portland and South Portland

One of our professionally trained and first aid certified puppy staff members comes to visit your pup (up to age one) once or twice a day to walk, play, and train your puppy for 30-45 minutes. Each puppy visit is individually designed according to your pupís developmental and behavioral needs. We practice positive reinforcement with clicker and treat training. Some of our commonly used commands include sit, down, stay, wait, okay, leave it, drop it, name recall, heal, and soft mouth, along with potty training and socialization. We will also incorporate any training techniques you may be doing with your pup to our own training regimen. At the end of our visit we will leave a detailed note explaining the techniques we used for that visit and your pupís overall development. We will also check your puppyís water supply, towel your puppy off if weather is inclement, and give your puppy a treat and a hug goodbye. Part of this program includes progress meetings with the owners throughout your pup's time with Playful Pups, and transition into our Dog Walking program.

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