Pet Sitting

Cat Visits

$18 Per Visit
+$3 Per Additional Cat

15-20 minute home visits either once or twice per day. Visits include meals and administering any necessary medication, fresh water, litter maintenance, some cuddle and play time for kitty, and a daily note from your sitter. We are also happy to tend to mail and houseplants during longer trips!

Overnight Pet Sitting

$60 Per Night
+$10 Per Additional Dog +$5 Per Additional Cat

Includes dinnertime arrival, evening walks, overnight care, breakfast, a morning walk, daily notes and TLC! Always feel free to check in with Portland's Paws 207-408-9495, or for updates during your vacation :)

Add a midday walk to your overnight sitting for $15 per day

In home sitting: a professionally trained and Pet CPR certified pet sitter will stay at your home to care for your pets while you're away. Includes dinner and evening walks, cuddle and play time, an overnight stay, breakfast and a morning walk. We'll leave daily notes about your pet, and are happy to tend to mail and houseplants during longer trips.

Family Style Boarding: this is a great option for our dog walking customers who are heading out of town and would like to set up an adventure with pals for their pup. This option includes a stay with their dog walker (who your dog already knows and loves!) at their walker's home. They are completely part of the family, and will get to play with their walker's dogs and cuddle on their walker's couch while mom and dad are on vacation. It's like sleep away camp, and it's an awesome plan for dogs who want to have their own vacation while their folks are away!